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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 17, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin you're watching cnn, right now inauguration preparations are underway, in a matter of three days donald trump will be -- to the highest level in the land. here is the latest polling from our cnn poll. dogging the president elect both
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here at home and abroad. you have more and more democrats planning to boycott his inauguration this friday and listen now to senate minority leader chuck schumer. >> i respect where they're coming from, there have been so many irregularities in this most of all russian interference, so i respect where they're coming from. so i think each person has to make his or her own choice. let each person make his or her decision. >> they are worried about mr. trump's next steps on nato, on trade, china, germany, the european union so you have this cloud emerging ahead of this friday, then ethics questions could march confirmation for health and human secretary
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services and face confirmation hearings this afternoon. heads are turning all over the world and one person coming to donald trump's defense is vladimir putin. let's kick off with sara murray in washington. i know the number keeps changing with democrats that are saying thanks but no thanks to friday. >> right. we're up to about 50 democrats, abdom and aside from a couple say it's a general boycott, but the pomp, the circumstance, excitement we usually see around the inauguration, there are still a lot of unease. donald trump's advisors were
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asked about it and they said well it will open up seats up front for others who want to be there, but sort of gives you a hint of how deep some levels of concern are when it comes to the president-elect. >> concern, yes, secondly there is the approval ratings that we just threw up on the screen. but it's important to look back previous presidents especially in the wake of the recount of president bush, put it in context for these numbers. >> reporter: that's right. according to the new c in, -- cnn poll. when george w. bush was going in he was at 61%. we know there was pleasannty of
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controversy and bill clinton was very cllow, it gives you a sens of the challenges donald trump is going to faces a he tries to bring the country behind him and see if he hammers home the notion that i'm president for all people. one thing that could help is the economy. there are a number of people that believe he's going to be a successful jobs president and when asked about that in the poll 61% say he's going to create good paying jobs as posed to 39% say he is not so maybe this will be a focus for him the first weeks in white house and maybe he says if i can get a trade deal through or a tax plan through maybe more people will come to my side. >> perhaps. sara murray, some news out of the pentagon cnn learned the defense department is ready to
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apply aggressive military options to accelerate the war against isis in syria. these are options that could send additional u.s. troops into direct combat. let's go to barbara starr. tell me more about the options and what he could be weighing. >> reporter: hi, brooke, the key word, options. the president-elect has said he wants his generals and admirals a plan to win against isis. what we now know is they are putting together that very plan. that proposal set of options to brief president trump has soon as he takes office and wants to hear them. many have been put in place but not approved by the obama administration. the big one is do you want to send more u.s. troops near raqqah, syria? the u.s. wants isis out of
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there, there's is sense the only way to do that is to put u.s. troops on the ground, one the obama administration wasn't willing to accept. how many u.s. troops, the level of risk and what it will take, but they will lay out other options, it's quite key to all of this, arming the kurds, this is the one the u.s. is thinking about arming while the arab fighters go into the city, why hasn't president obama objected to that, because they don't want to kurds to get any more power, so they're going to lay out all the options and see what president-elect trump wants to
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do, they believe it will accelerate the fight but still could take weeks or months to make a difference. >> barbara thanks so much. let's shift to geopolitics add china, as the president-elect prepares to take his oath in three days he has managed to isolate the leader of one of the united states' most -- allies, an gagala merkel. and china is worried that -- will be respected. >> i want you to listen to what senator john mccain said about this on cnn today. >> we seems to want to engage with every windmill he can find
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rather than the large aspect assuming the most important position on earth and according to the polls many americans are not happy with that approach when he has not even assumed the presidency. >> trump can count one at least fierce and unprecedented defender, vladimir putin, saying those who leeks the dossier are "worse than prostitutes," let's bring in senator mitchell, it is always wonderful to have you on. >> thank you, brooke. >> beginning with putin's language trying to under mimine accusing the administration to under mine the legitimacy. the 45th president of the united states, it's extraordinary
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stuff, what do you make of the language and all of the above. >> two, in the first and second world wars 68 million people died. hundreds of thousands of people died. the united states then the dominant power as now led a worldwide effort to create alliances and institutions that would prevent a third world war from occurring and to restrain the dissemination of nuclear weapons. there's a lot of criticism. it hasn't been perfect. all human efforts are imperfect but i believe will be judged as one of america's finest hours, nato and other european unions that try to engage countries in a common interest in stability, security, we want democracy and
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peace. and it's largely worked. yes, there have been conflicts, yes there's turbulence, yes, time and circumstances change, but nato has been a great success critical to the united states and our allies have stood with us, take russia that you talked about, when russia violated the law on ukraine, the u.s. sent sanctions on them, the europeans stood with us though they're hurt by the sanctions in a way we're not. >> we have to inject trump in all of this and what he said the list of china, nato, european union germany, the list of people, leaders he has really irked this week which would make someone like you nervous, do you think this could be a
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businessman acting tactically, maybe there's a negotiation on one end, is this a whim? how do you interpret it? >> i can't read his mind and many of his statements are of course internally inconsistent in the same sentence he said nato was obsolete he said nato was important to him. leave out china now, i'm talking about europe, i believe the president-elect has plenty of time to deal with this. most presidents are remembered for what they do in office not what they say before they take office. i hope he convenes a meeting of european leeaders to assure tha the united states will stand by it's allies and keeps its word and if it takes action, geographically proximate to
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russia, where remember they dominated through a use of force and oppression forha half a century, they regarded as a bufferer between western europe and the united states, that's what putin wants to do try to regain control, balticbaltics, needs to know if he militarily attacks them they are our allies and partner in nato. >> you were middle east envoy under obama, his advisor could be the one to broker middle east peace. would you have advice for him? >> he doesn't need advice from me. they have plenty of advisors close to them. i will say i wish them well. i seriously document this is a
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critical issue. stability in the middle east is important to the united states as the dominant power and to the people in the region and to the preservation of israel security and i hope very much they're able to succeed where prior efforts my own and others have not succeeded. it will take a lot of effort but i do believe it's going to happen, maybe not right now because i believe for both israel and the pal testinians getting an agreement -- in january of 2008 in jerusalem where he said to them, israel you have a very successful state, you don't have security, the only way you're going to get it is if the palestinians get their state, the only way you're
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going to get it is if israel has security, in other words each of them has an interest in both succeeding. that's still true today. it looks like a long way from now. there's no reason to be immediately optimistic, but i believe countries like people ultimately act out of self--interest and it lies getting an agreement to live separately side by side in peace. >> you would know better than most and we will look up president bush's speech in the middle east. >> as he look ahead for mr. trump a bruce springsteen tribute band pulling out of the inauguration, we'll talk about why and whether the boss played a role as well. walmart, general motors say they're adding thousands of jobs in the united states, so does trump deserve the credit? let's talk about that.
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and after eight years in america's famous house we now know where the obama's are going directly after inauguration. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin.
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♪ ♪ born in the u.s., i was born this the usa i was born this the usa ♪ that of course is the boss, bruce springsteen, no, he will not be performing at the donald trump's inauguration. and the b street band pulled out of. will forte joins me, will, thank you so much for taking time with me. >> and keyboardist also. >> i think i said that, i got you my friend, i got you. >> will, nice to have you on. will, i have to ask, why did you guys get a phone call from bruce or any of the guys in the e-street band? >> no, it didn't quite happen
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that way. we were hired to play a new jersey gala that we had performed four years ago and eight years ago under president obama's inaugurations it's a non-political event, an event run by jersey people for people for fund raising for charities and subsequently after the last two we did such a great job for them they signed us to play again four years later at 2013, now of course the situation that developed became known that our band was playing this gala about a week ago and it went viral over the media, and it was basically saying that trump hired the b-street band which really wasn't true. we were playing -- like i've said in the past -- we were
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playing a non-political event. the theme is all jersey-based. >> i got you will, you're feeling the jersey love. you played for the obama inauguration, but when you say this whole thing went viral, what kind of backlash did you face? >> well, you know, emotions in this political arena is so high on both sides and what bruce springsteen involved in this and music being brought out into the media infuriated everything even more. we're a prominent tribute band. we raised millions of dollars for diabetes, parkinson's, and we're known for drawing
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attraction for that kind of event and we thought we could go out and tell a story to media like yourself but it was like a hurricane. it was beyond anything we could expect. >> hang on a second, on the hurricane. >> the most important thing to us is that it's not miss construed that our respect and gratitude for bruce allowing and the band allowing us to make our living and livelihood to go out and play, that's the imperative thing, if that gets distorted then everything else, the contract that we had with the gala, everything else doesn't matter anymore, we just have do do what we feel is right and decided not to play. >> i wanted to end on this tweet, steven vanzant. nice guys, wouldn't say right or
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wrong, up to them. but it's naive to think that art is politics. >> thanks. coming up next. president-elect trump wants recognition for walmart and gm adding u.s. jobs, should he take credit for that? >> also boxes are packed moving vans rolling in, life after the white house for the first family and where they plan to hop a plane to immediately after the inauguration in a motel. -- moment.
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all right. so this new government report on obamacare has some bleak news, the budget office says repealing without a replacement plan would quickly strip 18 million americans of their insurance and premiums to skyrocket, but this report is not based on the current replacement donald trump is working on. in fact the ceo isn't the only one clueless on trump's replacement plan, a lot of republicans were surprised to hear the statement to the "washington post" when he vowed insurance "for everybody."
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let's go to raja ma nu. >> reporter: they're not getting any word about what this plan is or exactly how he plans to cover it. or the fact points to have policy. republicans are dealing on their own with their part of repeal and place when it comes to obamacare, they want to deal with it on a case by case basis, they want to add some pieces in repeal legislation we're going to see in the next up coming weeks and see pieces through the legislative process in the coming months but they have not gotten much word from the trump team about exactly what they want to see in that proposal so perhaps in a couple of weeks
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actually next week the house and the senate are having a retreat in pennsylvania. donald trump is expected to be there as well as trump transition, administration officials, and expect more effort to try to get behind a cohesive plan because right now there are a lot of folks on capitol hill operating in the dark as to what donald trump wants. >> we'll continue that conversation and also under the file of obamacare, let talk about the story you broke, tom price, who is also up for secretary of hhs, health and human services for the trump administration. there are some questions about his stock and the company said stock he proposed legislation in congress. >> that's right. bio mmet a device maker purchas
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stock last year. less than a week later he offered legislation designed to delay a federal medicare role that make knee and hip implants and that's exactly what they make. the price team is saying the broker did this, he wasn't aware of it but he maintained that stock and kept that stock while he served in the house and now he promises to divest the stock if he does become head of the health and human services department. i spoke with chuck schumer trying to stop it and he thinks this raises some major major issues. >> i think there's a very good chance he will not be confirmed. i would urge this is not a partisan issue. they talk about cleaning the swamp, this is it today.
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>> reporter: schumer suggesting republicans would vote with democrats against him. we'll see what happens in his wednesday confirmation hearing the first of two on capitol hill. thank you manu raju. until donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states, he is taking credit for all the new jobs, coming back into the u.s., tweeting. general motors plans to invest $1 billion and move 450 jobs from mexico back to the u.s. walmart announcing it will add 10,000 jobs. and trump tweeting thank you to
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general motors and walmart spr starting the big jobs push into the u.s. >> it's awesome news for the economy and the auto news, but were some of the jobs already on the docket to be created the u.s. or is some of this creatively timed? >> perfect question. the reality is many of these were in the pipeline and were discussed quite some time but you do have to give trump and the administration a lot of credit for the fact that they have been having this dialogue with ceos around the country of what do we need to do to give you the visibility and incentive to keep jobs in the united states? so it's a dialogue between protectionalism protecting jobs from going overseas and to their
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great credit they're starting to give ceos what they need and what they are thinking about ere sing -- every single day is visibility, around taxes, legislation to keep my factories in the united states and they have spent an awful a lot of time over the past couple of months and i think we're starting to see the dividends pay off. >> if you take the reverse logic saying i get the credit for these jobs would he get the credit for mercedes and bmw who had been producing in the u.s. and going to mexico, does it work both ways? >> yes, i harkened president obama when he was president-elect and i remember he did a very similar thing. he brought together all the ceos and leaders across to country to talk about jobs and one thing i
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can say in hindsight that president-elect trump needs to think about is you cannot slate from the white house and the rhetoric right now is really important particularly when we're talking about things like te tariffs, even if you're giving them visibility around taxes, you have to be careful that the rhetoric doesn't turn around. i think today it is quite remarkable and should spend a lot of time talking about the president of china just appeared at the -- today. no leader of china has shown up to what is considered probably the most powerful convening of global leaders in the world and what he essentially said is no one wants to create enemies through a trade war. no one wants to put up these
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barriers. and what we have to be careful of is there's currency risks not only trade risks but global risks so the fact that the president of china stood up there today and actually quoted charles dickens of for the people and by the people, i would say what is china trying to do, they are not the holder of our largest currency anymore. >> we have heard this guy talk about china a lot. >> we do. we have to be careful that our rhetoric doesn't pull us away from the important leadership that we have had around the world. the last thing i say too, brooke is let's not diminish the importance of job training. walmart along with the retail federation yesterday announced a huge job training program in the united states to really make sure we're addressing the skills
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gap and retail the one of the largest industries in the united states to employ people but the important thing here is that if you look at college-educated workers today versus high school age workers, we have the widest gap in the history of the country, college kids are getting paid 56% more than high school kids so we have to be looking at what is our job training philosophy how are we making sure we have the skills necessary for this future work force to continue to create jobs here in the united states? >> glad you mentioned it and focus on walmart in the training piece of it all. alexis, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> moving vans spotted outside of the white house, what is the first thing the first family plans to do after the inauguration? somewhere much warmer coming up.
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three days from now for the very first time in eight years the obamas will have a new home outside the white house. moving vans already parked in front of the first family's washington d.c. home and while movers are busy unpacking cnn has learned the family will be resting in a balmy palm springs, more on the plans to get out of dodge, tell us more about this trip. >> reporter: right, brooke, for a while the president has been saying one of the first things he wants to leaves office is he's going to
11:43 am
take his wife on a well-deserved vacation, the whole family is going; although you would assume the girls have to be back in school the following week, so who knows maybe the president and first lady, who knows former former president and first lady will spend more time out there. we did hear from him today as well. for his press secretary of two years josh ernest's last briefing. >> ten years almost and i've watched him grow and i've watched him advance and i've watched him marry and i've watched him be a father and i've watched him manage younger people coming up behind him and he's never disappointed. he is not only a great press secretary but more importantly he's a really, really good man
11:44 am
and i'm really, really proud of him. so, josh, congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: something else we're waiting to hear from president obama what will be his decisions on pardons, clemency, for long prison sentences for non-violent drug offenses and possibly more prison transfers from gouantánamo bay. >> thank you very much. up next we'll talk to a trump supporter who booked a hotel room back in july. why she was so confident mr. trump would win. also, the number of democrats who will not be attending the inauguration, the number continues to grow, nearly 50 lawmakers and counting and
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the top democrat warning about more joining that crowd.
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there may not be some long list of celebrities or a list performers for this inauguration but the president-elect supporters, the voters say they will be out in full force including my next guest, leslie -- who booked her hotel room for the inauguration back in july she was so confident her guy would win. leslie, it's so nice to have you on. >> thank you. great to be here. >> not a lot of high profile celebrities, big bands, you have democratic congressmen and women pulling out, you say so what, tell me why? >> i created my own way in reaching out to voters here in pennsylvania and a house that looked like an american flag and put a donald trump statue in the
11:50 am
yard. this is my guest list just in one month. we give out constitutions, talked to voters, many were first time democrats voting for republican. i would hear why government was affecting them. i had thousands of people by the end. it was absolutely amazing so always i felt confident mr. trump was going to win despite what the polls said because i was in touch with the american voters. >> there's nothing wrong with a good old statue, but where did this come from. >> i was given them by congressman murphy and i have pretty good seats. i'm pretty excited about that. with the home, i hung a sign, many people were angry about it.
11:51 am
they were writing letters to the editor that my sign was causing pain and suffering, so the more people did to me i did more, i stood on route 30 and got attention to voters, and i painted the house and we were trying to get delegates in the primaries so people in pennsylvania new their vote for delegate mattered more than the election, we really needed to select the correct delegate so i did the house for that reason and it attracted voters from all over the -- sorry visitors from all over the world but american visitors from all the states were coming to see me and talk politics it was absolutely fantastic. >> listen, i really admire your enthusiasm, and i hear you have
11:52 am
been down shopping, everything we have been talking about trump, whether it's nato, china, russia or even merrill streep, is there anything that concerns you about him? >> not at all. i'm so proud that he stepped up and ran for the american people. i think he's our voice for what we are all thinking and we are excited an proud to have him be our president. >> maybe i'll bump into you, thank you so much for your time. attending the trump inauguration. >> three years missing for the flight of mh370. how the families are reacting. >> and also the widow of the orlando shooter is now accused of helping her husband. coming up we'll talk to a
11:53 am
survivor of the shooting and the phone call from the fbi.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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nothing short of irresponsible. that is what the decision to end the under water search for missing malaysian flight mh370, you remember the whole story, it disappeared back on march 8th, 2014, 239 people were on board. the missing plane remains one of modern aviation's biggest mysteries. let me bring in david -- we talked many times three years ago. here we are, they're ending the
11:58 am
search. do you think this is at all premature? >> i do, brooke. my emotions have been all over the place because it reminds me of the first year looking for air france 2447 and emotions were high about whether to stop then, and they'll be haunted from here on forward about whether the plane is in that spot or not so we'll see what happens from here on in, but it's just the wrong thing to do. >> you talk about emotions, i'm trying to put myself in the shoes of these family members but how do you take the news that after three years they're just up and stopping? >> it's horrible and i've talked to family members, every single day, sometimes hours, they relive the tragedy and by
11:59 am
pulling up the expedition by its roots really ends all that and i just don't understand because in the early days there was all this rhetoric that we'll stop at nothing until the plane is found. well here is their chance to put an end to this search at least complete that one last area and then decide to stop for a while. >> what about this idea, david, in your experience would there be someone out there some billionaire who wants to help who could pony up the money to continue a private search, is that a possibility ever? >> it's a possibility. there are more than a handful of billionaires that have ships and equipment similar to what we used to find air france 447 and they could do it but when you think about asia, china, boeing, these are fairly large entities
12:00 pm
and you wonder why they're not feeling more responsibility about getting involved but i hope if there's something out there they come forward, now is the time to do it. >> three years now, david gallo, thank you so much. all right. top of the hour, you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. we begin with capitol hill where the select for interior for secretary just began questions this past hour and within two hours, trump's pick betsy devos will face her hearing, donald trump facing historically low approval ratings this is according to our new